Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Facebook Rules

At least in Canada, Norway, South Africa and Lebanon.

Here are my 5 rules for building Facebook apps:

Rule 1. User is king

Your application or message has to be highly relevant to the users. Facebook is a cluttered medium and the message will not be picked up unless very useful

Rule 2. Make it easy

Create your application in such a way as to minimize the work done by users. Don't force them to fill long forms, download applications, give you unnecessary permissions.
If your application is compelling they will reward you later by providing these things.

Rule 3. Land of the young
While the fastest growing segment on Facebook is 35+, today the density of the network is in the 18-25 range.
This is where your marketing will be most successful.

Rule 4. Be authentic
The culture of Facebook is one of honesty, friendship and authenticity. As a marketer forget your instincts that have been acquired in TV land or even portal land, and try to deliver fun, down to earth, humble, and useful things and you will fit in.

Rule 5. Less buzz more content

Don't rely on graphics, copy, buzz, etc. The content has to be entertaining or useful in itself.

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