Sunday, July 1, 2007

Why is Toronto n1 on Facebook

from the Toronto Star writes trying to explain Why is T.O. the capital of Facebook?

Toronto has:
- more members than New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco combined
- 13% of population signed up to Facebook (
that is 670,038)
- more groups about it than any other city in the world

Alexander's theory:

Toronto has one of the highest penetrations of the Internet in the world
Torontonians have high disposable incomes compared with most other Canadians (that does not explain why they beat NY or SF)
3) Social class, as Facebook seems to attract well-todo, do-gooders, with high education. Which fits the Toronto profile (see research paper by Danah Boyd)
4) 4 Universities. Since Facebook started as a university network the students provided the seed that infected the city accelerating the arrival of the fabled tipping point

I find that 3 is the most probable explanation. Facebook is a clean, fun, environment that encourages friends to be nice to each other while staying at a safe distance.

Very Canadian!

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