Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Great Candian Wishlist

The CBC has launched an experiment on Facebook. It created a group that allows poeple to voice their wishes about the future of Canada.

What they did not anticipate is a passionate, keep-no-prisoners race between highly motivated pro and anti abortionists that involved neck to neck race over many weeks, hacking of Facebook, accusations of bias for the CBC and loads of other fun things.

The blog tracked the contest over the weeks.

The group on Face book is here


Abolish Abortion in Canada
9543 supporters

#1 I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice
8008 supporters

#2 For a spiritual revival in our nation.
4508 supporters

#3 Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage
4485 supporters

#4 I wish tuition fees would be either lowered or eliminated.
3388 supporters


#30 Get Stephen Harper out of Power
464 supporters

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